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TA Summer Challenge Wraps Successful First Session

This month, with generous support from the Freeman Foundation, Thetford Academy launched a new program focusing on outdoor and project-based learning. The “TA Summer Challenge” builds on the success of the Thetford Outdoor Program’s summer wilderness trips, adding new opportunities for students to engage with peers, enhance leadership skills, and challenge themselves through academic, outdoor, and artistic projects. In addition, TA students in the program can work to recover academic credits if they fell behind during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Starting this year with two two-week sessions, the program is led by a group of TA faculty with support from several student interns. The students in the program are working on several hands-on projects each day: designing and building ATV mousetrap cars, planning and painting a mural in the stairwell of the Anderson building, and supporting TA school garden coordinator Ehrin Lingeman in developing and maintaining the new school garden. In between, students are having fun playing a variety of outdoor games, indoor games, and creating connections with a daily team-building activity.

Session 1 of the Summer Challenge ends today and was a huge success and we’re looking forward to launching Session 2 next week.



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