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TA Begins Academic Year With Five International Students

The International Student Program at TA is excited to welcome five students to campus this year, two returning and three new to TA. Seung Gyu (Alex) Kim, a senior from Seoul, Korea, returns for his 4th year at TA. Shisi (Cissy) Dai, a junior from Beijing, China begins her third year with TA. In addition, Thetford Academy has partnered with AFS to enroll two students from Italy, Maria Rossi and Alessandro Monticchio, who join our junior class for a one-year study abroad experience. And finally, we welcome Gonzalo de Cavajal Cebrian from Madrid, Spain. He joins the Class of ’23 this week in a one-year study abroad program through PAX High School Exchange.

The International Student Program kicked off the year on September 1st with a trip to nearby Hanover, NH, for Bubble Tea. Four international students and their five local host siblings sipped their specialty teas on the Dartmouth Green, lounging on the grass and taking an impromptu language lesson from Maria and Alessandro. Everyone had a good laugh learning to say the colors – nero, bianco, rosso, arancione, giallo, verde, blu, viola – in Italian. The students also discussed future activities, such as a trip to a NH beach, skiing/snowboarding, dining out at local restaurants, and hosting meals to teach each other mouth-watering specialties (like tiramisu, dumplings, and kimchi pancakes) from their own cultures. 

Students, parents, or alumni who are interested in joining or learning more about our international community should please reach out to Susan Essex Luce, International Student Program Coordinator. In the words of Barack Obama: “Simple exchanges can break walls down between us, for when people come together and speak to one another and share a common experience, then their common humanity is revealed.”



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