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English 10 Students Host 31st Annual Anthology Reading

A 31-year-old TA tradition resumed when students in Emily Silver’s “English 10: Identity and Voice” class hosted its Anthology Reading in the MJR Theater last week. After a Covid hiatus, the event was back in-person, with students presenting their work to gathered families and faculty guests.

The Anthology Project is a rite of passage at Thetford Academy, one that every student must complete as part of TA’s required English curriculum. The assignment challenges students to explore identity and voice through the written word; it must include students’ own writing as well as selections from the works of others.

Throughout the semester, students work to compile pieces of writing–essays, poems, lyrics, quotations, book excerpts–that are meaningful to them. The pieces can be serious or humorous; classic or contemporary. Work from other teens is required, as is work published before a student was born.

The compilation of these writings, finished as either a hand-bound book or digitally as a website, becomes a student’s Anthology. Each is unique and reflective of the student who made it, a snapshot in time of their ideas, interests, and values. Congratulations to the English 10 students for their excellent work on the Anthology Project.



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