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Congratulations, Thetford Academy Class of 2022

In Vermont, it’s not wise to assume the weather will cooperate. But when it delivers on a June evening, it’s spectacular – especially on Thetford Hill. On Friday, June 10, 2022, as Thetford Academy graduates and their families gathered to celebrate, the skies were clear, the weather warm, and TA’s iconic view provided the perfect backdrop for the Class of 2022’s big day.

TA’s graduation ceremonies intentionally feature student voices, with no adult speeches and every student given the opportunity to either speak or perform. This year, class president Taylor Farrell welcomed guests and spoke about her classmates’ achievements and shared experiences over the last four years: “We have laughed, cried, and shared some of our best moments and our hardest times. Although we are closing the door of our high school years behind us, we are opening the door to the incredible future that lies ahead.”

Macey Smith, Gretta Koppers, and Jessica Smith led the flower ceremony, a TA tradition in which each student is given two flowers to present to teachers, mentors, friends, or family who have supported them through their high school years. “With this tradition we each have only two flowers to give in gratitude,” said Macey Smith, “but we hope you all know that this is not nearly enough and we would give each of you a million flowers if we could.” “So, to our friends who convinced us that we could sing in a musical,” Jessica Smith followed, “our coaches who supported us through wins and losses, our teachers who helped us with assignments, and our families who wouldn’t let us give up, thank you.”

Julia Martin spoke about the importance of friendship in getting us through, and her gratitude for the everyday opportunities to connect in person this year: “I just have to say keep the friends who are close to you, and don’t be afraid to make more.” Mack Briglin also spoke about the pandemic’s influence on his class and how it shaped their high school experience. “Our high school context includes a first-of-its kind global pandemic. Those circumstances set the floor, but our character sets the ceiling,” he said.  “We conquered challenges we never could have imagined when we arrived as freshmen. It is because of the collective content of our character that we are all here today.”

Finally, Katie Waterman offered her thoughts in an original song, lyrics set to “Anatevka” from Fiddler on the Roof. “Thetford Academy, Thetford Academy / close knit, welcoming Thetford Academy.” Soon, she sang, “I’ll be a stranger in a strange place / looking for a familiar face / from Thetford Academy.”

As the sun began to set over the mountains on the hill, Dean of Students Siobhan Lopez read the names of each graduate and Thetford Academy Board of Trustees Chair Donna Steinberg conferred the diplomas. It was official: the Class of 2022 were graduates of Thetford Academy.

Click here for list of graduates and their post-secondary plans.



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