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It’s Crunch Time for Robotics Team 4886

With the NH/VT State championship scheduled for February 18, it’s crunch time for TA’s robotics teams. Over the two week winter break, campus was quiet, but the robotics shop was in full-swing. With the help of parent volunteers Karen MacPhee, Francine A’Ness, and Douglas Moody, students were able to access the shop for several hours a day over most of the break.

There are four regular-season VEX Robotics meets coming up:

Jan 7 in Bow, NH

Jan 14 in Belmont, NH

Jan 28 in Conway, NH

Feb 4 in Northwood, NH

TA will then head to the NH/VT State championship on Feb 18 at Manchester (NH) Community College. Two of TA’s teams, “Beefcake” (seniors Marshall Melancon & Isaiah Kol) and the eighth-grade team “Yogurt” (Rowan Moody-A’ness, Tristan Woodward, and Paul Hesser) have already qualified for the State Championship. The remaining teams will be trying to qualify via those 4 regular-season meets. 



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