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TA Presents at Town Meeting, School Budget Passes

The first part of Thetford’s Town Meeting, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Saturday, featured a school budget informational meeting. Thetford Academy Head of School Carrie Brennan and Donna Steinberg, chair of the the TA Board of Trustees, presented, alongside TES principal Bernice Mills and the president of the Thetford School Board, Julie Acker.

For the TA portion of the presentation, Brennan reviewed the school’s five-year strategic plan, highlighting successes and current areas of focus for the faculty and administration. Examples include: the campus master planning process; a new position focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts; and, a positive enrollment trend and outlook.

Steinberg’s presentation zoomed out to look at Thetford Academy’s place in the Thetford community. The school, she said, provides not only high quality education for the region’s students, but serves as community hub, a resource for our town, and is an important local employer. She discussed the board’s vote to increase tuition by 7%, adjusting for rising costs and inflation. The increase is on par – and in some cases below – many Vermont districts facing the same cost-pressure. View Thetford Academy’s full presentation here.

In Tuesday’s townwide vote, TA is pleased to report that the taxpayers approved the Thetford School District’s proposed budget. Thetford Academy is grateful for its continued partnership with the Town of Thetford and for its longtime support for our students.

To access the Thetford School Board’s annual report for 2023 and and the district’s proposed budget for 2023-2024 school year, visit



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