Counseling Office

Thetford Academy’s Counseling Office helps students reach their personal academic and post-secondary goals, providing assistance with course selection and sequence, college counseling and preparation, study-abroad and dual enrollment opportunities, and social and emotional support.

All students are assigned a counselor to provide individualized support throughout their years at TA. The Counseling Office provides resources and support for study abroad options, dual enrollment and college credit opportunities, technical and apprenticeship programs, the armed services, two- and four-year colleges, interim/gap year programs, summer programs, and scholarship and financial aid opportunities. School counselors work closely with advisors and grade-level teams to collaborate on students’ progress and challenges.

Graduation Requirements

Thetford Academy’s academic program provides students the opportunity to acquire knowledge in varied fields of study. As students explore the content, concepts, and modes of thinking in multiple disciplines, they have the chance to cultivate their interests and develop the skills necessary to be successful lifelong learners. Students must earn a total of 26 credits for graduation. Course credits must be distributed as follows:

Subject Requirements
Arts Credits: 1
Visual Arts, Design Technology, Drama, Music, and select Culinary Arts courses
English Credits: 4
English 9 and English 10, two credits of English electives
Mathematics Credits: 3
Science Credits: 3
Conceptual Physical Science, Biology, Science elective
Social Studies Credits: 3
World Civilizations, U.S. History, and Modern World History
Physical Education and Health Credits: 2
PE 9 (1/2 credit), Health 9 (1/2 credit), and a total of one additional PE credit

Academic Honors

Honors courses are offered in all core departments in the high school. Some courses, such as Honors American Literature, Calculus, Advanced Biology, and Advanced French or Spanish, are available only in an honors format. Designed to challenge the most advanced learners, these courses prepare students for college-level work.

A number of courses in Humanities are offered with an embedded honors option. In these courses, students who choose to do so may complete a rigorous program of study supplementing the standard curriculum.

Dual enrollment options, in which students may take college-level courses for dual college/high school credit are also available.

Counseling News

  • On Tuesday, April 27, 2021, Thetford Academy’s Counseling Office hosted an information session for rising juniors preparing to register for Fall 2021 courses. The event covers planning to make sure all graduation requirements are met, the ins and outs of the online course registration, and a question and answer session......

  • On Monday, April 26, 2021, Thetford Academy’s Counseling Office hosted an information session for rising seniors preparing to register for Fall 2021 courses. The event covers tips and tricks for getting the most out of your senior year, making sure all graduation requirements are met, the ins and outs of......

  • On Tuesday, February 9, 2021 the Counseling Department hosted the second workshop in its series designed to help juniors and their families learn about the college application process. This panel event featured representatives from a variety of colleges working with Counseling Department Director, Mark Pichette to cover topics such as:......

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Mark Pichette
Director of Counseling

Rebecca Walter
School Counselor

Molly Dugan-Sullivan
School Counselor and Enrollment Coordinator

Julie Goodrich
Counseling Team Coordinator

Kara Toms
Student Assistance Provider

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