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October Student of the Month: Samara Spelman

October’s Student of the Month is a quiet, hard-working, and well-rounded student. Always a positive presence in any classroom, she shows a genuine interest in learning. She also plays a leadership role in the TA community.

She is involved with gender equity and the Gay Straight Alliance. She is a talented musician, willing to take risks and perform solo in front of a large audience. On the track team, she supports her teammates, takes workouts seriously, and projects a cheery attitude even when it’s gray and rainy.

In English class, she fills her writing with apt metaphors and strong verbs. Her writing has punch and as much complexity and passion as her personality. Emily Silver stresses that Samara Spelman is excellent at accepting coaching with both her hurdling and her writing.

Karyn Neubauer writes, “her focus, attention to detail, strong visual voice and use of art materials and methods allowed her to create strong and meaningful works of art.”

While not currently enrolled in an art class, she is one of the volunteers creating a portrait for The Memory Project this year. Others have praised her dedication to music, her fabulous sense of humor and her Netflix recommendations.

We are proud to recognize Samara Spelman as the October 2019 Student of the Month. Congratulations, Samara, and keep up the good work.



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