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Vermont Stage Co. to Present TA Student Poem

Every year, the Vermont Stage Company reviews poems from the Young Writer’s Project (YWP) to include in their annual “Winter Tales” show. All students that responded to the prompt for the YWP weekly writing challenge “Winter 2019” were entered for consideration, and several were selected for presentation by the Vermont Stage Company in December.

This year, TA’s own Katelyn Johnson, a freshman student from Chelsea, VT, was selected. Katelyn has been participating in the YWP as part of her embedded honors curriculum in Mr. Deffner‘s English 9 class. Her poem, “Happy Winter” will be performed by Vermont Stage on Sunday, December 15, at 6 p.m. at the Main Street Landing Black Box Theater in Burlington.

To learn more about the “Winter Tales” performance and Vermont Stage Company, visit their website: Congratulations, Katelyn!

Happy Winter by Katelyn Johnson

Winter is actually my favorite season,
I love the snow more than I hate the cold,
Shaking trees full of snow while standing under them,
Rolling down a hill, trying to get covered in snow and look like a snowman,
I never turn into a snowman,
I just get cold.

Snow covers the dead leaves and crops,
Everything out there that looked dirty, is suddenly pure white,
Snow has a refreshing but distinct taste,
People think I’m crazy, but fresh snow tastes like cucumbers.

The scraping of plows against the road every day at 5 am is playful and happy,
It lets me know there is fresh snow, another layer to the already two-foot blanket,
My dad plows snow in the driveway,
He makes a huge pile of snow for me, despite my age of 14.

Everything about winter is beautiful,
Looking out the window at the icicles, then looking back a week later,
Astonished at how large and mighty they are,
But it only takes a small force to knock them down.



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