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Leo Downey Wins TA Middle School Spelling Bee, Heading to State Finals

TA’s annual Middle School Spelling Bee went 36 rounds before defending champion Leo Downey correctly spelled the word “patrilocal” to win the contest. (Patrilocal definition: adjective 1. relating to a pattern of marriage in which the couple settles in the husband’s home or community.) Runner-up Margaret Smallwood also had an impressive performance, getting knocked out late in the bee on the word technophile.

This year’s event was emceed by English teacher Joe Deffner, with the assistance of pronouncer and fellow English teacher Ray Chapin. Students correctly spelled words like “cahoots,” “claimant,” “foppery,” “unquenchable,” “transmute,” and “associate.” Students advanced to the middle school finals by placing in the top three in their classroom bees. Participants in the final were:

1. Miguel Kutter-Walker
2. Wyatt Cadwell
3. Grayson Lamoureux
4. Caroline Watts
5. Harper Crance
6. Addie Cadwell
7. Hugo Billiau
8. Madeleine Allen
9. Andre Whiteberg
10. Garrett Spelman
11. Oscar Reo
12. Leo Downey
13. Christian Rodriguez
14. Margaret Smallwood

Leo Downey will now advance to the Scripps Spelling Bee Vermont finals at St. Michael’s College on March 17th, 2020.



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