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Self Care Resources for Remote TA, volume 9

Good morning, Panther Community,

Can you believe this weekend is Memorial Day? Are you and your family making any fun plans for the “long weekend?” 

As we approach the end of the academic year, there’s always a lot of reflection: How did you grow this year? What did you learn about yourself? How were your classes? Did you discover your superpower? With all the monkey-wrenches thrown into the works with Coronavirus, it was an especially interesting year for figuring out how to “make it work” and be strong in the face of challenges.

Here are some things I’ve learned:

  • If I don’t take time to be physically active, I get cranky. A walk or spontaneous dance party really helps.
  • It’s totally doable and important to keep connected to friends and family who are close by and far away.
  • It’s easy to get frustrated and lonely trying to do school from home. Staying in communication with people at school – teachers and students – helps things feel better.

What lessons will you’ll be taking away from this year?   

Without further ado, onto the weekly edition of cool stuff to check out:

Cool Things to do Online:

  • Storytime from Space – stories read from space by astronauts (Full disclosure: these are young kids’ books. More full disclosure: I still love being read to and know some of you do, too.)
  • Livestream of Baby Goats – from Sharon Springs, NY. 
  • Museum Collections from Google Arts and Culture – Check out a museum with huge collections, like the Museum of Modern Art or the Met, or hone in on one dedicated to a single artist, like the Munch Museum or the Museum of Frida Kahlo

Podcast Recommendations:

  • LifeKit from NPR – short episodes on things you actually need to know in life
  • Radiolab – Investigating a Strange World

Mental Health Resources:

Self Care Suggestions: (special thanks this week to an awesome student who compiled a great self-care list and shared with me!)

  • Drink more water – staying hydrated helps your brain and body
  • Make a list of things you’re grateful for.
  • Write a thank you letter to someone who has had a positive impact on your life.
  • Make over your social media
    • Take a close look at your social media feeds. Are you following people you respect and admire? Does your feed match your values? Take some time to unfollow content that isn’t in line with who you are and what you want to be, and consider adding content that will positively influence your thinking.

We love our students and families, and miss you all. If you’re struggling, please reach out to any of the members of the Student Support Team for help.

Be well,

Rebecca, Siobhan, Mark, Sue, Deb, and Kara



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We value initiative, courage and dedication. We take personal responsibility for the goals we set and work hard to achieve them.


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