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Head of School Weekly Email: In-Person Phase of New Schedule – Reflections & Expectations

Dear TA Families and Students,

We welcomed the month of March by introducing the in-person component of our 2nd semester schedule. It was great to feel the energy of having students and teachers together in real time – doing hands-on learning with one another and with the materials and spaces designed for the discipline. Attached are a couple of snapshots from the week.

The schedule is not without its complexities, of course, especially as approximately one quarter of TA students continue to opt for a fully remote experience. Teachers are trying multiple approaches to best meet the needs of our on-campus learners and our at-home learners, and we will continue to adjust and improve as we go.

As teachers are adjusting, students are too. The 2nd semester program is a fuller academic experience than 1st semester. We reduced the pod time by about 40% to make room in the daily schedule for synchronous classes. Students started adapting to this new reality in February; for some it was a welcome change of pace and for others it was a challenging transition. We hope that with the added element of in-person classes this week, all students feel the benefits of the new schedule. The goal: deeper engagement and deeper learning. The reality for many students will be a heavier academic workload that requires skillful time management and more time spent on school tasks at home. 

Here is a copy of the daily/weekly schedule updated for March 1 for everyone’s reference: LINK to SCHEDULE.

Looking ahead to opportunities on the horizon for spring:

  • Athletic Director Blendon Salls sent an email earlier today to share some initial information about next season’s sports and to gauge student interest in participation. 
  • We are working on plans to offer after school intensive club experiences in Robotics and One Act Play. More to come on these soon. 

Lastly, I want to be sure everyone is aware of where to go for easy access to all of my weekly communications. Check out this page, located under the COVID/Remote main tab on the TA website:

Thank you,

Carrie Brennan, Head of School




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