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Head of School Weekly Email: Sights Set on Full School Experience for Fall Semester

Dear TA Families & Students,

One thing we have all learned over the past 12 months is that predicting the future is risky business. The uncertainty, unknowns, and rapidly evolving nature of the pandemic have deeply challenged efforts at long-range planning.

I feel confident, however, looking out five months and sharing the good news that we expect a return to our full TA experience for next school year. What better way to mark the one-year anniversary of schools closing down last March than to set our sights on a post-pandemic start to the fall 2021 semester?

I am also confident that Thetford Academy will emerge from this year stronger than ever. We have learned a tremendous amount that we can incorporate into our new future ‘normal’ – about digital teaching and learning, navigating a hybrid environment with students who are at home, using outdoor resources, making connections in small learning communities, and so much more.

We anticipate that some safety protocols and practices will remain in place in the fall, and we will continue to carefully follow state and public health guidance. Even as I write this, new updates are coming out regarding vaccination timelines for our older students. There is much to determine and develop in the coming months, and we will share more specific information as we are able.

In the meantime, we have two other seasons before us: spring and summer, and planning continues for both of these as well. We are working hard to implement and continuously improve our current 2nd semester schedule. We are also mapping out plans for a summer institute at TA; stay tuned for details.

We spent much-needed time together as a faculty during our inservice today, focusing on our current program and practices. I am grateful for the time we had – time to convene, to reflect and connect, to share instructional strategies and successes, and to renew our energy for the next stretch of the school year.

It looks like spring is back for a visit this weekend – and maybe is here to stay this time. Enjoy the sunshine.

Carrie Brennan, Head of School



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