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Frozen Meals Warm Hearts at TA

The 2021-2022 school year marks the third academic year impacted by the pandemic. While teachers are excited to have students back in the classroom for in-person learning, the continued presence of Covid in our communities remains a significant source of stress and disruption for school employees and their families.

At TA, the Board of Trustees wanted to help ease some of that stress before the holidays and help employees feel the gratitude and appreciation of their community. They invited parents and neighbors and friends to join in “Frozen Meals to Warm Hearts,” an effort to provide all 71 TA employees with at least one frozen meal – and maybe a little more downtime in their day. The response was overwhelming: within just a few days, the Thetford Academy community had it covered.

Over the last two weeks, community members brought the meals to TA for distribution. Lasagnas, enchiladas, soups, stews, and more – there was something for everyone. “I feel so fortunate to work at a school with such a supportive community. I find it incredibly moving that so many parents took time out of their busy lives to cook for us,” shared French teacher Karen Heinzmann.

Her sentiments were echoed by several others: “A sincere thank you from me to the board for such a kind and thoughtful gesture,” librarian Kate Owen said, “It made my warm heart warmer.” From Susan Essex-Luce, ISP coordinator: “Thank you so much for this awesome and delicious idea…we realize that although we’re busy, of course so are the people making the meals – please thank them for taking the extra time for us.”

As we wrap up our work before the holiday break, we are grateful for our neighbors, friends, and families who support TA every day. Thank you.



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