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TA Middle School Students Use the Power of Audio to Tell Stories

Audio storytelling – from long-form documentaries to short digital narratives – is a booming creative medium. Through radio, podcasts, and other forms of digital sharing, an audio story invites the listener into an experience that feels both intimate and immersive.

At Thetford Academy, current 8th grade students are learning about the art and science of how to tell a great audio story. With support from a Vermont Arts Council Artists in Schools grant, Ms. Downey’s English 8 class is hosting Dartmouth radio journalism scholar-in-residence Sophie Crane for a five-day course in narration, recording, interviewing, and writing for the ear.

As part of the unit, students have been working hard to bring their own audio stories to life. Each student is creating a “vox pop” interview (from the Latin phrase vox populi, or “voice of the people”), a sonic ID (a sonic representation of community or brand), and an interview piece with a member of their family or community.

The unit will culminate in a “listening session” with parents/guardians and members of the community. For a taste of students’ work, visit the links below.

Jay Hill and Luke Kidd Vox Pop
Maddie Piecuch Vox Pop



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